At-Tariq — The Morning Star

I call to witness the heaven and the visitant (in the darkness) of the night.
And what should make you know what the night-visitant is?
(It is) the star of piercing brightness.
Remember! a guardian is appointed (by God) over every soul.
Therefore let (every) human being consider from what material he is created.
He is created from a jetting fluid,
Which issues forth from between the loins and the breast-bones.

Verily, He (Who created him the first time) has the power of bringing him back to life (in the Hereafter).
On the Day, when the hidden things shall be exposed,
Then the person (who has engrossed himself in worldly affairs) shall have neither power to defend himself nor he will have any (other) helper.

I call to witness the clouds that rain over and over again,
And the earth that bursts forth (with herbage and with springs),
(That) verily, this (Qur’├ón) is a decisive word.
And it is not a vain (revelation).
And they (- the disbelievers) devise a device (against it).
And (in return) I (too) devise a (counter) device.
Therefore grant the disbelievers respite, yes grant them respite for a little while.


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